the Zhigalan river

Zhigalanskie waterfalls – one of the most beautiful corners of the northern Urals, lurking in the valley of the river Zhigalan, Perm region. The Zhigalan River originates from the snowfield located on the eastern slope of the Vogul Stone of the Kvarkush Range and carries its waters to the valley of the Uls River, forming a cascade of picturesque waterfalls on its way. The length of the Zhigalan River is only about 8 km, and the river drop is 700 meters. A transparent mountain river, sweeping down, falling into millions of droplets, creating an impressive spectacle that captures and leaves no one indifferent. In the valley of the waterfalls, 5 steps are distinguished. The most interesting and picturesque are the lower ones. The height of the Zhigalan waterfalls reaches 15 meters.