the Usva river

Usva is a river in the Perm region, the right tributary of Chusovaya. Its length is 266 kilometers. The name of the river came from the Komi-permyak words “usny” – “fall” and “wa” – “water”. That is, Usva is a “falling water”.
Undoubtedly, the most famous and beautiful place on this river is the Usvinsky Pillar rock. The height of this cliff reaches 120 meters. The rock wall of the Usva Pillars stretched along the river for several kilometers. From the main rock wall, a high vertical pillar-retreat is receding. He was nicknamed Devil’s Finger. In most sources, its height is estimated at 70 meters. The Devil’s finger strikes not only its height, but also a thin leg, which, it seems, hardly withstands this stone weight. The top of the pole, on which there is a small flat platform, is constantly conquered by professional climbers.