the Kamenka village

The Kamenka village, or Kamenskiy Ostrog, is a settlement in the Sverdlovsk Region on the left bank of the Chusovaya River, the only river flowing from Asia to Europe.
The Kamenka was found  in 1574, a few years before the Ermak campaign. For a long time it was the most eastern Russian settlement in the Urals. Kamensky prison protected the land in the Kama region from raids by Bashkirs and Tatars.
From the old days in Kamenka there was a pond, a two-storeyed wooden building of the office of a courtyard and a small stone barn.
Today Kamensky jail is first and foremost a cinema of scenery. In 1983, they were built by the Sverdlovsk Film Studio for the filming of the film “Semen Dezhnev.” For the filming were very accurately reproduced the elements of the old-Russian architecture of wooden architecture and the way of life of that time.