the dead Nature of Karabash

The city of Karabash in the Chelyabinsk region has become famous throughout Russia and the world as the dirtiest city on our planet. Getting here, you find yourself as in a world survived after nuclear catastrophe. The word “Karabash” of Turkic origin also means “black mountain”. It would seem that the Bashkirs who inhabited this area for a long time foresaw that these places will have a hard time. Now it’s really all black and dead.
The main attraction of Karabash is the Poklonnaya (Golden) mountain with a height of 597 meters. It was an ordinary mountain, covered with forest. But now it is naked and dark, all vegetation due to emissions is almost completely destroyed.
On the slope of the mountain there is a sign “Bless and save” with white stones, very actual for the locals, and above it there is an iron cross 12 meters high. The cross is lined with mirrors, so it glows brightly in the sun. From the mountain you can clearly see Karabash city, a factory and suburbs.