Tavatuy lake

Lake Tavatuy – the most beautiful and cleanest in the vicinity of the city of Yekaterinburg. It is not for nothing that it is often called the pearl of the Middle Urals, and many tourists rest on the shores of the lake. The water here is clear and transparent. On a sunny day, you can see the bottom at depths of up to several meters. “It is easy to decompose the name into Komi-Permian words “ta va tui” which means “waterway”. “There is also a legend about the Komi conductor who showed the Russians this lake and said that it is necessary to go by water. The legend, of course, is a late Russian invention. The lake itself, long, stretched from the north to the south, was indeed a convenient waterway. There is another explanation: the regional specialist Lozhkin interprets this name from the Tatar language as “Feast of the Mountains” (tau – “mountain”, tuy- “feast “): The mountains gathered to the lake as guests to the table …” (AK Matveev “Geographical names of the Urals”).