Stone town

Stone Town is one of the main natural attractions of the Perm region. Another name for these rocks is Chertovo Gorodische. Locals usually call them Turtles. This is truly a unique nature monument, located on one of the peaks of the ridge of Rudyansky Spoi (526 meters above sea level). And the popularity of this place has acquired relatively recently – less than two decades ago. Since then, the flow of tourists has been growing every year. Stone Town is famous for its quaint rocks-remains, for which this place was given such a name. The rocks consist of fine-grained quartz sandstone. The rock mass is cut by numerous deep cracks (up to 8-12 meters). The width of the cracks is from 1 to 8 meters. Due to this, in their outlines, rocks and cracks in them are very reminiscent of the houses and streets of an old, abandoned city. On these rocks it is nice and beautiful at any time of the year: at least in summer, even in winter.