Shad Tchup Ling buddhist monastery

At one of the peaks of the Northern Urals Mount Kachkanar, there is the only Buddhist monastery in the Sverdlovsk region, Shad Tchup Ling. Surprisingly beautiful place, especially in autumn and winter.
With the phrase “Buddhist monk” most people have exotic pictures of novices against the backdrop of ancient complexes in Nepal or Myanmar. But here everything is different. The Buddhist monastery in the Urals is more like a cross between a labor collective and a collective farm. All this is not devoid of purely Russian charm and color – with agriculture, orchards and people.
Lama Sanya Tenzin Dokshit, also known as Mikhail Sannikov, became acquainted with Buddhism in Afghanistan in the late 1980s, where he, a career officer, special commander, saw the monuments of Buddhist civilization flourishing there before the arrival of Muslims on the mountain passes. After the end of the Afghan war, Sannikov retired from the army, went to Buryatia, Ivolginsky datsan, becoming a disciple of Darma-Dody Zhalsarayev.
On May 15, 1995, Lama Sanya Tenzin Dokshit started building a Buddhist monastery on the Kachkanar mount. The place for it was indicated by his teacher. For 20 years, Shad Tchup Ling has turned into one of the largest centers of Buddhism studying in Russia and simply a landmark that attracts thousands of tourists.