Patagonia is part of South America, located south of the Rio-Colorado rivers in Argentina and Bio-Bio in Chile, although there is absolutely no exact definition. Sometimes the Tierra del Fuego is also classed in Patagonia. Located in Argentina and Chile, includes the mountains of the Andes in the west and south, as well as the plateaus and low plains in the east. The name “Patagonia” comes from the word patagón, used by Magellan to describe the indigenous people, who in the view of his expedition were giants. It is now believed that the average growth of the Teuelce living at that time in Patagonia was about 1.80 m, which is much more than the average height of the Spaniards of that time – 1.55 m.
The journey through Patagonia is an endless series of glaciers, fjords, lakes, forests, frozen earth and the tops of the Andes. Here, nature shows itself without restraint, in pristine beauty. Who will visit once, he will want to return here more than once.

Patagonia is a completely different civilization. You live in your world, and this edge of the earth is in yours. And you cross only when you want to see the wonders of this planet. Then you spend a lot of money and fly here – to Argentina. To visit Patagonia and understand that the world is not limited to an office chair and fast food. Perhaps the real life is right here.