Kaindy lake, Kazakhstan

The lake was named Kaindy because of a large birch grove, located five kilometers from it. There are several versions of the origin of Lake Kaindy. One of them says that the lake Kaindy was formed about a hundred years ago in 1911. Or 1938, and another version says that it was formed during the Zhalanash earthquake in 1978. One can say only one thing: the lake was formed as a result of a mountain slump caused by earthquakes. The water flooded the formed hollow, flattened by the rock gate in the middle. Firs growing on the bottom of the foundation pit were flooded, their dry trunks rise above the smooth surface of the cold mountain lake, giving it an amazing and unique look. There is no fish, trout is found in the river flowing from it. The lake is at an altitude of 2000m above sea level. Because of the cold water the centennial fir trees were surprisingly well preserved.