Austria & Czech: golden fall in Europe

03 – 10th November 2018

Spots left: 4


The South Moravian Region (Jihomoravský kraj) is located in the southeast of the Czech Republic. South Moravia is a small paradise in the center of Europe, a picturesque region on the border with Austria and Slovakia. The second, unofficial, name of the region is “Czech Tuscany”, because of the smooth lines of fields reminding the hills of Tuscany and the foothills of the Austrian Alps. Almost all the land in that area is sown with agricultural crops: rapeseed, corn, wheat. As you know, the fields should rest, and the same wheat is sown on different sites at different times. Therefore, every year in the same place you can make unique footage. Moravia – a wine region, in addition to fields with lands, the photographers are waiting for the extensive areas of the rows of vineyards which are especially interesting for shooting in autumn because of colours.
Imagine the wavy meadows and rows of vineyards of South Moravia, colorful and even-defined fields, neat little houses and ancient gardens and castles, picturesque hills, rises and rocky terrain of the White Carpathians and Pálava. This trip is for you if you are interested in taking pictures of amazing landscapes and mysterious places where crowds of tourists do not go. Minimalism in the landscape, a telephoto zoom lens photography and architecture of a cozy villages, finding the right point of shooting, as well as the right time, tips for processing the material, instructions and master classes – this is what awaits you in the photo tour of South Moravia.

Day 1
Meetup at Schwechat International Airport (VIE) Vienna, transfer to our cozy pension in Moravian region. Evening shooting and dinner all together with the group.

Days 2-4
Shooting purple sunsets and sunrises in the most picturesque landscapes of the Czech Tuscany. We devote daytime to rest and post-processing workshops. Then we’ll be off to the blooming fields again to catch the last rays of the evening sun. After “hard-working” day we will taste wonderful Moravian wines and, of course, the world-famous Czech beer.

Days 4-5
After morning shooting and breakfast we collect things and move to Cesky Krumlov – a town in the South Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic. Its historic centre, centred around the Český Krumlov Castle, is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1992.

Český Krumlov, in Bohemia’s deep south, is one of the most picturesque towns in Europe. It’s a little like Prague in miniature – a Unesco World Heritage Site with a stunning castle above the Vltava River, an old town square, Renaissance and baroque architecture, and hordes of tourists milling through the streets – but all on a smaller scale; you can walk from one side of town to the other in 20 minutes. There are plenty of lively bars and riverside picnic spots.

In Krumlov we will spend one night, after the morning shooting we move to Austrian Hallstatt.

Days 5-7

The village Hallstatt is such an unbelievably spectacular place that even the Chinese have created a copy of the ancient salt mine village. But only in the original will you discover this truly unique culture with such a history all in a breath-taking mountain setting. This city is surrounded by mighty mountains, a picturesque river and a fairy-tale lake.

We will spend two full days here and the morning of the third.

Day 8
Our workshop is over, we’re packing our bags and depart to Vienna Airport. 

by request

Included in the price:
– transportation
– accommodation with breakfast
– instructions and master-classes

Not included in the price:
– airfare to and from Vienna
– visa (if applicable)
– singe supplement (200)
– meals; we will visit cafes and restaurants, where you can choose food for every taste and purse, there are no restrictions. In my experience,  20-40 euros per day will be enough.
– medical travel insurance
– personal expenses (alcohol, souvenirs, etc.)


To reserve a place in a group, you need to prepay €300 to a bank card or through Paypal. This is a non-refundable amount, it goes on booking a hotels and renting a car. Until the moment of prepayment, the place is not considered booked. Full payment for the tour is valid until October 1, 2018. In case of refusal to travel 90 days before the start, 100% of the deposit is retained, 60 days before the trip – 50% of the cost of the trip, 30 days – 100% of the tour price. In case of refusal, your deposit can also be credited for participation in one of our next tours. The organizers reserve the right to cancel the trip not less than 30 days before the start of the program, under extreme force majeure circumstances. The amount of prepayment is subject to a full refund. For participants of previous photo-workshops there is a 10% discount.

If the minimum group (3 people) is not recruited, and those who have paid the program have a desire to realize their plans, the journey is possible with a change in the program and / or cost, which is discussed separately.
The level of physical difficulty of the trip is light & easy. There are no age restrictions.
The level of photographic preparation – primary / secondary. Confident possession of your camera, knowledge of its settings, understanding what modes Av, Tv, M.
On all issues, including equipment, photographic equipment, clothes etc., you can contact me by email and WhatsApp – I will necessarily consult on everything related to travel, I will help with the preparation of documents for filing for a visa and purchase air tickets for suitable dates. And to apply – just write me in the mail or through the feedback form.

What to bring
– DSLR camera with tripod and remote shutter release
– A wide angle lens. For example, Nikkor 14-24 or Canon 16-35. Best lens for use in wide-angle scenes or architecture photography
– A middle-zoom lens such as a 24-70 mm
– A telephoto zoom lens, such as a 70-200 mm, 300 mm with 1.5 TC or 500 mm, 600 mm are highly recommended for this photo tour

– Casual clothes for dinners and lunches and photography workshops at South Moravia region
– Waterproof and windproof jacket (consider the average temperature +5 – +10 C at nights and +10 – +20 C during the daytime)
– Waterproof pants
– Warm jacket and thermal pants
– Wellingtons or fishing boots (because of wet grass in the mornings)

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